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this blog to help the begginers in the ERP system field by giving a few hints and description. the main goal of the blog to give an overview of every module at this time. by the time we can discuss every module in details

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Forms Layout

after this lesson
  • you will know all the contents of the form.
  • you will know the meaning of the different colors of the items of the form.
What are the contents of the form??

  Any form (form-based) of the applications consists of many elements. in the next two screen shots, you will see most of these types. You may see all these elements or some of them in one form.

 form layout 1

form layout 2
  Some elements must be in every forms like tool bar, menu bar, status bar, window title and canvas.

  Depend on the form you had open and its function, you will find some menue of the menu bar and some buttons of the tool bar are enabled or disabled.

  The status bar shows you some important messages during your work for example if you saved your work successfully, you must find a message on the status bar indicates, how many record are saved and said that the process is accomplished successfully.

  Text item is the place where the user can enter the data inside it. Display item is for displaying only. For example in the purchasing module there is a display item which shows the name of the user who log in the current session.

  Radion group shows many choices that the user should select only one of these choice. For example the gender of an employee is (male or female), it is only have one possibility.

  Check box shows many choices that the user can select none or one or more of these choice. For example hobbies(reading , sport, fishing...) one person can have one or more or none of these hobbies.

What are the items colors??

  The items of the forms have many colors, every color of these colors has spacific meaning. The next two screen shots show most of these colors.

item color 1

   item color 2

  the items of the forms have many colors and they are
  1. yellow :mandatory item. you must add data in this item.
  2. white  :not mandatory item. it is optional to add data or not in this item. 
  3. gray   :display item.only for a display you can not edit the value inside it.
  4. blue   :query mode item.when the form is in query mode, you can serach by using the blue items in the form as a criteria for your search. We find a message on the status bar telling you about the query mode and which keys you hav to press on to execute your query.
  That is enough for now. If any one have any question do not hesitate contacting me, just leave your question in the posts. See you next lesson.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How does the Applications proctect your sessions??

  After this lesson you will know how the applications protects your user,  your data and your information.

  From the beginning of release 12.1 if any one try to log in the applications or  trying to guess your password during your absence. the applications keeps the number of these trying. After  logging in successfully , a message is raised :showing how many times does  another one try to use your user name and gives you an advice to change your password.

  The next screen shot shows a practical case of some one who tried to guess my password and the advice of the applications to me. If you want to try this case, try to log in wrongly many times before logging in successfully and you will experience this case.

  The applications not only protects your fresh log in but also protect your work. For example if you was working on the applications and your manager asked you to bring some thing to him , you left your computer and the applications without log off or log out. in the previous case the applications after a certain time if your session is idle it is automatically log off and if you want to back to your work , the applications raises a message which asks you to log in again. The next screen shot is showing that.

if you left your session and tried to work again

  If you want to proceed with your work, press yes and an HTML page will be opened with your user name and asks you for the password.

press OK, if you log in

  These case happened in the form-based forms but in the HTML-based forms the session expired immediately and you can not continue with your work. The next screen shot shows the message if the session is expired.

  That is enough for now. If any one have any question do not hesitate contacting me, just leave your question in the posts. See you next lesson.